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Well Testing


Purification, Conditioning, Filtration,Treatment

We install all types of equipment  from sand media filters, softeners, salt free conditioners, chlorine injection systems, coagulant injection systems, ultraviolet disinfection units, reverse osmosis systems (commercial and residential), and ultrafiltration systems.


Design, Build, Install New Fresh Water Systems 
Water Quality & Chemistry Analysis

We can inspect and test entire water systems from well production capacity, pump system(s), storage tanks, valves, piping,pressure tanks, filters and specialized treatment systems.  All the information gathered is formatted into a clear report complete with photos, data,  analysis and comments. 

Water Quality Purification Anchor 9

Understanding the chemistry of your well water is key to designing and managing water systems. We offer in-house water testing and also work closely with certified labs as needed or reruired. Water testing at certified labs can become expensive and time consuming. Determining what tests to perform can be intimidating to clients and homeowners. We listen carefully to our clients concerns and recommend which constituents should be tested for.  Once that determination has been made, we collect & properly label the samples, prepare the necessary paperwork and coordinate with the lab. We then can determine what the next steps will be.

Whether developing a property, establishing a new public water system, or simply trying to get rid of annoying yellow staining it is important to work with a company that has experience in all aspects fresh water systems,literally from the ground up. We see the “big picture” and zoom in on the little details to efficiently bring a water system into peak performance.  We work closely with contractors, engineers, and property owners during all phases of planning, design, implementation, service and management.

Site Inspections, Optimization,
Upgrade, Retrofit​
Public Water Systems Operations & Consulting
Site inspections Anchor

Often replacing all the equipment in a water system is unnecessary.  We carefully examing our clients existing mechanical systems and then clearly outline the options and  scope of work required to meet each client's specific needs.  When possible we utilize some or all of the existing equipment, optimizing the system, quality and efficiency while saving money and unnecessary expenditures.

We hold both Grade 2 Treatment and Distribution Operator certificates.  Our background in designing, installing, and servicing water systems makes us a natural fit as public water system operations.  We handle all the required public water supply permit paperwork as well as amended permit submission for establishing new water systems or making changes to an existing public water system.

Service, Maintenance, Monitoring
Service Maint Anchor 8

We offer complete monitoring, service and maintenance of your well water system. Please call for a free onsite inspection of your existing water system.

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